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Friday, Saturday & Sunday
2 to 4

Naramata Heritage Museum Society - 224 Robinson Ave - Box 95

A museum for Naramata was always a dream of Lorna Rounds and her life partner, the late Phil Rounds (affectionately known as Mr & Mrs Naramata). They have been collecting artifacts and archival material for years. A lot of it was stored in their basement and in the old Centennial Hall (now the Naramata Library). The dream really came true when the museum moved into the old Naramata Fire Hall in 1997.
Since then, we really haven't looked back. A beautiful mural was painted on the west wall by Josh Wood and Tim Skrypiczajko. From there our clerk of the works, Ted Smith and his late wife, Jeannie took the bull by the horns and created what we have today.
All this was done by a group of volunteers with lumber almost torn off existing walls to create the 3 permanent displays depicting Naramata's early days. In a place of honour is our community quilt. Lorna instigated the creation of the quilt which is made from many squares stitched by interested ladies of the community.
We enjoy tremendous community support and invite you to share in our history. We have a good collection of cards, aprons and t-shirts which make great gifts and souvenirs of your visit to the area.

Copies of “Smile of Manitou” and “Naramata in Retrospect” are also available.

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